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About Topsons  
  Topsons, the tradition  
  MUMBAI city limits ended at Mahim and Bandra was the back of beyond. 
In 1961, when Linking Road was a link to nowhere and the first of the suburban housing societies were just being constructed in Bandra, 28- year old Sunder Topsondas Ghanshani set up a small readymade clothes outfit on Linking Road – and probably the first retail store in the Suburbs. 

Four decades and two generations down the line, Topsons in not only the oldest retail outlet around, but also among the leading men’s were stores in the city. Reminiscing the good old days, septuagenarian Sunder Ghanshani says, “ In 1961, I had Returned from Hong Kong where I had learnt tailoring and outfitting skills. And when I and my brother Ishwar set up this shop at Linking Road, all our South Mumbai based family members thought we were out of our minds.” 

Barely two months after Topsons was Inaugrated , Ghanshani’s father, Topandas, after whom the shop was named, passed away before he could see his sons’ retailing success. “The Only other outlets at Linking Road were the Gazebo restaurant and a Irani restaurant, A part from a couple of kirana shops. It was only after some years that business at the shop picked up and customers began flowing in, “Ghanshani adds. From the original Catholic residents to the common man to celebrity customers like Sunil Dutt, Balraj Sahni, Dharmendra And Dilip Kumar, they all came to Topsons for their outfit shopping. 

Over the years, as Linking Road grew, so did Topsons from a 200 square feet showroom and then to a 600 square feet showroom and then to a chain of Topsons outlets within the family all on Linking Road Ghanshani’s son, Rajesh joined hands and took over the reins at Topsons Man’s Shop. Says Rajesh, Who dabbled in modeling and garment exports before joining his father, “ We take great pride in not only being a favorite with our customers, but even the suppliers, with some of whom we have a business relationship for over 50 years. “ Little wonder, Topsons enjoyed the highest per-square-foot turnover in the suburbs. 




  blue (blu:) n. A colour that symbolizes men  
  tonic (`tònik) n. A stimulant or energizer  
In the quest of creating a Brand after having sold and made brands for over 5 decades, Blue Tonic was launched
1st November 2004 : Topsons launches their own brand and “Blue Tonic” is born
7th December 2004 : The first EBO store opens at Inorbit mall, Malad, Mumbai, India.
12th March 2006 : 2nd EBO Store opens at Linking Road, Bandra, Mumbai, India
26th June 2007 : 3rd Store opens at Borivili, Mumbai, India
1st October 2008 : Flagship Store opens at Inorbit mall, Vashi, Mumbai, India.
15th April 2010 : Blue Tonic is marketed to leading MBO’s in Mumbai
21st June 2011 : Blue Tonic goes National now supplying to leading stores across India
Currently 4 Company Showrooms (EBO’s) in Mumbai , We are looking at opening Franchisee stores / Shop in shops Blue Tonic is available at leading MBO stores across India